Inspire Your Students From Day 1

 Imagine how much more motivated, inspired and passionate about learning your students would be if they could leave their first lessons with you playing along to one of their favourite songs.

Imagine how much faster they would improve, and more invested in the learning process they would be if lesson after lesson, week after week, they were able to learn and play real songs straight away.

Your students would be so motivated that they would never quit!

The secret to getting your students great results is to set them up for success by adapting content to suit their level.

In this free eBook we'll show you our Guitar Ninjas Level-Up Method which you can use to get your students playing along to any song from Day 1... Even if they're total beginners!

The Secrets Of Our Level-Up System Are Finally Revealed

What you get in this eBook

  • Our Guitar Ninjas Level Up System
  • Three Levels To Take Your Beginner Guitar Students Through
  • How To Use The System To Play Any Chord Based Song
  • 10 Common Chord Progression Examples
  • The secrets to increased student retention and boosted lifetime customer value

Our levelled approach to learning works for beginner students of all ages and will help them ascend to both intermediate and eventually advanced levels of guitar playing.

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