A Collection Of Guitar Teacher Resources To Make Your Lessons More Fun And Engaging

free guitar teacher resources

Free Beginner Guitar eBook

Want to teach Guitar Ninjas in your studio? 

Start by helping your beginner guitar students through Level 1 of Guitar Ninjas with a FREE PDF download of our White Belt Guitar Method Book.

Students will learn all the essential skills, concepts and techniques needed to play the guitar in a simple, step-by-step process that includes the gamification that makes Guitar Ninjas famous!

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Tab Reading Flash Cards

Guitar TAB is the biggest learning hack in the history of learning how to play musical instruments!

No other instrument or notation system allows you to bypass months of reading practice as TAB does.

It's literally as simple as "Put your finger on this number and pluck this string"

So how do we make it easier? (and more fun?)

By using Guitar Ninjas Flash Cards to help our students learn faster and memorise the system by playing fun games and activities with them.

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Free Gamified Monthly Guitar Practice Log

Want a Guitar Practice Log for your students that they'll actually use?

Look no further than our Official Guitar Ninjas Practice Log

Students can track their progress over 30 days of practice within each major category of concepts and exercises.

The gamified checklist also adds an element of competition and incentivises daily practice making it a game changer for your studio!

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Free Guitar Games eBook


The key to creating engaging lessons for your students (especially kids) is to teach them through games.

In this eBook you will find a collection of 10 Guitar Based Games that you can play with students to make learning guitar as fun as possible.

The full version which includes 27 Guitar Playing Games and Activities is a FREE bonus resource when you sign up for a Guitar Ninjas License

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Gamified Guitar Scales Worksheet

 If your students want to develop great technique then they'll need to learn several guitar scales and practice each of them thousands of time to develop the muscle memory of the correct movements and dexterity within their fingers.

The unfortunate reality of this is that repeating the scales thousands of times in order to develop this muscle memory is BORING!

The solution? A gamified approach to learning scales that presents your students with over 100 challenges they will play their scale thousands of times without even realising it.

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Free eBook - How To Get Your First 10 Guitar Students

Do you want to teach Guitar Ninjas in your studio but don't have a spare $97 to invest in your first month of membership?

Don't worry, we got you covered!

Download this FREE eBook and learn 5 lead generation tactics that you can employ to find your first 10 Guitar Students (or 10 additional students if you've already got some students).

That should be more than enough students to make the $97 needed to cover membership and get you on board with Guitar Ninjas!

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Free Download - Gamified Beginner Guitar Chord Chart

If you're teaching your beginner students standard open string chords then you're setting them up for failure

Learn about the Level-Up System we use in Guitar Ninjas and get a special gamified chord chart to help your students learn our Level 1 Chords which they can use to play along to their favourite songs right away instead of hoping they stick with guitar long enough to get good at changing between their standard open chords.


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Free eBook - The Guitar Ninjas Level Up System


The biggest source of frustration for your students is that it takes several months of practice before their chord changes become smooth enough to allow them to play along to their favoruite songs. 

The problem with this is that most people have an attention span of 5 minutes and give up on learning guitar after only a few weeks.

We've overcome this problem with our Level-Up System which redefines what success looks like at each stage of guitar playing and allows your students to play along to any song in a simplified fashion from Day 1

As your student develops their skills we gradually increase the difficulty and work towards playing their songs as they appear on record.


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