A Refreshing Approach To Practising Scales On Guitar

Your student's need to practice their scales thousands of times in order to develop dexterity and co-ordination.

Unfortunately doing anything thousands of times become very boring very quickly.

So we came up with a solution where we give our students different challenges to bring an element of fun and excitement to learning and practicing scales.

They're still doing the thousands of reps needed, but they're thinking about it in terms of individual challenges which keeps things fresh and new.

They'll become black belt level Ninja Master in no time at all!


Scale Practice Made Fun

In this free eBook you will get:

  • two scale worksheets
  • 108 challenges to keep practising scale fun and exciting
  • checklists to track your student's progress over time
  • the ability to measure their speed development over time
  • an experience meter to show when they level up and unlock new scales!

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