A Fun New Approach To Learning & Practicing Chords On Guitar


How often do you teach your students chords only to have them forget all the different shapes by the next lesson.

Or worse yet, avoid practising them altogether because they were too hard.

The reality is that the standard open string chords that most people begin learning are way too complicated for beginner students.

Instead, we should start with simplified three string versions of our chords.

Combine this with a gamified checklist and fun challenges and your students will find a new enthusiasm for this otherwise frustrating area of guitar playing.


Chord Practice Made Fun

In this free eBook you will get:

  • three chord worksheets
  • 5 challenges to make learning chords fun and easy
  • checklists to track your student's progress over time
  • keep track of which chords you students have learned, memorised and mastered!
  • an experience meter to show when they level up and unlock new chords!

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