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The Evolution
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What happens when you mix learning psychology, modern sports science, martial arts and the gamification found in video games with guitar lessons?

You get Guitar Ninjas, the ultimate method for learning how to play guitar!

Master The Basics

Learn all the fundamental skills and concepts you need in order to understand how the guitar works and play with confidence

Make Rapid Progress

Learn memory hacks and efficient practice techniques that will minimise effort and maximise results in as little time as possible

Level Up

Earn a new coloured guitar strap each time you level up and advance from White Belt To Black Belt with our Karate-style levelling system.

Learn To Play Guitar The Right Way


Guitar Ninjas is a specialised guitar lesson curriculum that will optimise the learning process and get you rapid results. If you're lacking direction in your guitar playing, tired of not getting results, frustrated with the process of self teaching, or simply want to bypass the common problems and hurdles that trip up most guitar players by learning to the play right way from the beginning, then Guitar Ninjas is the Guitar Lesson Program for You!

Developed over half a decade and used as the core curriculum at Melbourne Guitar Academy, Guitar Ninjas is now available to students around the world through the Guitar Dojo Online learning platform, and in a number of schools whom we've officially partnered with as licences of our curriculum.

Too many people around the world find their guitar lessons too hard, too boring, or are put off by a bad teacher, and as a result quit lessons without ever developing to a level to experience all the rewards and joys once you can play guitar well.

Our mission is to create an engaging and effective learning curriculum that will balance both having lots of fun while still getting exceptional results so that guitar students worldwide will get a higher quality of musical education and can realise their dreams of playing guitar.

Learn With Direction

Our curriculum is laid out in a clear, easy to follow path so that you'll always know the next step to take and will never lack direction or find yourself progressing aimlessly. Each of the 9 levels of Guitar Ninjas becomes progressively more challenging without ever being overwhelming so that learning is fun, easy and enjoyable.

Measure And Track Your Progress

Complete challenges, earn achievements, and see how you rank up against other guitar students in our Virtual Guitar Dojo
We'll actively track your progress in the 7 Key Areas of Guitar Playing and give you active feedback on how to keep improving.

Fun For All Ages

The Guitar Ninjas method is suitable for students from the ages of 7 years old right up to adults including seniors.

We even have a special program called Little Ninjas adapted for students aged 4-6 that will provide them with a solid foundation of skill ahead of joining the main program.

What You Get With A Guitar Ninjas Membership

  • Exclusive Access To Our Online Membership Forum
  • Exclusive Access To Our Guitar Dojo Online Virtual Training Platform
  • Over 30 Courses Taught By Expert Teachers With New Content Added Monthly
  • Over 700 Videos & Audio Files To Learn From
  • Supplementary PDF’s & Course Material
  • 24/7 Access To Your Virtual Guitar Mentor
  • Track Your Progress & See How You Rank Up Against Other Users
  • Complete Challenges, Earn Badges & Ascend Through Our Guitar Ninja Karate Belt Levelling System Online
  • Access To Bonus Live Guitar Lessons On Zoom

Learning With Guitar Ninjas vs Learning From Youtube

Guitar Ninjas Online Membership Options


We have three outstanding membership options to help you learn guitar. You can change between the options at any time.

Basic Membership



The best option for total beginners and those looking to get started on guitar. Over 40 Courses to take you from beginner to expert player.

  • Forum Access
  • All Guitar Ninjas Courses
  • 30+ Supplementary Courses with over 1000 Video Lessons
  • Level Up System & Progress Tracking
  • New Content is Added Monthly
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Pro Membership


Most Popular

The best option for Aspiring Guitarists and those who have the basics down but want to take it to the next level with specialised courses and live lessons.

  • All Basic Membership Features
  • Access To Premium Courses
  • Monthly Group Zoom Lesson
  • Monthly Bonus Lesson
  • Get Active Feedback From a Real Teacher
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Premium Membership



If you are serious about your guitar playing and want results RIGHT NOW this is the option for you. Get personalised guidance from a one of our expert teachers.


  • All Basic & Pro Features
  • Bonus Lesson Library
  • Virtual Guitar Coach Access
  • Monthly Private Lesson
  • Special Welcome Pack
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