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Apr 14, 2023
Guitar Teaching Blog

Hello and welcome to the Guitar Ninjas Blog!

Here we will be sharing our wealth of knowledge on guitar teaching and equipping you with essential teaching concepts, ideas for engaging lessons with your students and a host of free guitar teaching resources.

Guitar Ninjas was launched officially in 2022 after being the internal curriculum at Melbourne Guitar Academy since 2018. 

We've now grown to be the official curriculum of over 20 guitar studios and music schools around the world.

While we'd love to have you and as many teachers as possible join the program as official licensees, our mission at Guitar Ninjas is to raise the standard of guitar education globally, and so, we're sharing some of our best ideas and teaching tips with you for FREE so that you can use what you learn to have a bigger impact on your students.

I hope you enjoy the content here on the blog!

PS. If you're interested in sharing a guest post on the blog do get in touch via info (at) guitarninjas.com.au


Michael Gumley
Guitar Ninjas



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